VLC Media Player 1.0.0 released!

VLC media player
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The venerable VLC Media Player finally reaches version 1.0.0.  VideoLAN is a free and open source multimedia player capable to crunch almost any media type, at the cost of nothing. It is a totally free software. The new version is also capable of acting as a server to stream media in unicast and multicast IPv4 and Ipv6 high-speed/hi-bandwith networks.

Its features, really, is a long list. Most notable among which is its wide support for video/audio formats and can also double as a media converter. The application also supports a lot of operating systems, from Windows, Linux, BeOS and a lot more. If you are looking for a multimedia player that can do many stunts, sure VLC is for you. Playing your CDs, DVDs and other media will be a breeze with VLC so grab your copy at their website after all it’s free. Just the way we like it.

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Snarl – Cool Notification System

Want a cool way of getting notified on important events in your computer? Check Snarl.

For some of us who tend to have a lot of things to care about while computing getting a visual notification is way cool. I have first experienced the sweetness of it when I installed Ubuntu 9.04 which comes with a notification system by default. Unfortunately, Windows does not have an application like it, natively. It’s one feature of Ubuntu that I really miss when I switch back to Windows.

After some searching I have found, Snarl. It is really a cool app and sort of, fills the void for the notification of events in Windows. The application sits right on your taskbar and constantly posts notifications. If you want to be notified on events in applications such as Pidgin, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. just download their respective plug-ins from Snarl’s website and you are ready to go. You might need to do some tinkering on the software for it not to be too obtrusive. I am sure, you don’t want to get all notifications, but only the important ones.

I highly recommend it. It’s free and lean software available at http://www.fullphat.net.

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Remove Desktop clutter with Fences

Who wants clutter on our desktop? None. But, we all do it? Right? Over time, links and files take up our desktop down to the point of covering the entire space. Isn’t it so dirty?

Time to clean up a little. Meet Fences, a new desktop customization application from Stardock. They have a good idea on helping us out clean our computer desktop.

First, the application allows us to create a Fence (space where you organize your files/links). I have managed to create my first fence by doing a right click and dragged it to form a fence and finished off by hitting the create a fence here button. Then the janitor job started with choosing a title for the fence, sort of, category. I started with System Tools and throw everything in there icons of applications that belonged to this category, and so on.

Second good part is that you can double click on any vacant area of your desktop and all the elements are automatically hidden, do it again and they will reappear. Another good extra is that you can exclude some of your fences from the auto-hide feature.

Good deal, right? And again it’s free, and the developer says, it’ll stay that way, forever. Thanks, then!

Go on and try it, you might like it.

—- image from Stardock

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Songbird – The Open Music Player (Good Media Player alternative)

Looking for a good replacement for the default of Windows? Try the new Songbird media player. This app comes from the same factory that built the much popular Firefox.

Having tried it, I can say, its good. Great customization options, add-ons here and there and most of all its free.

Worth a try folks. Get it at http://getsongbird.com/

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