download links

Links to our favorite free applications:

  • Panda Cloud Antivirus | download here.
  • Sun Virtualbox | Virtualbox official download page here.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 (fixed start-up) | download here.
  • ShiretokoPv3 – Firefox 3.5.1Pre | only for testing | dowload here.
  • Mdigger Reader v7.6 (Windows Mobile 5/6 only) | download here.
  • Mdigger Reader v8.9 Beta (Windows Mobile 5/6) | download here.
  • Mdigger Reader client for PC | Windows here, Mac here -> .dmg package.
  • EasyBCD v1.7.2 (boot loader manager) | download here.
  • Mozilla Firefox v3.5.1Pre (not for the weak-hearted) | download here.
  • Apple Safari Browser v4.0.2 (530.19) Final | without quicktime here, with quicktime here.
  • Flock v2.5 | download here.
  • Mozilla Firefox v3.5 | download here.
  • Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.11 | download here (if you are considering reverting).
  • GOM Media Player v2.1.18.4762 | download here.
  • GOM Encoder v1.0.0.19 | download here.
  • Songbird Media Player v1.2.0 | download here.
  • Video LAN Player v1.0.0 | download here.
  • Mozilla Firefox Add-on Page | check here.
  • Snarl v2.2 | download here.
  • Stardock Fences v0.96 | download here.
  • GFI Backup Home Editon (might require to input your name and email) | download here.


  • please don’t let me be liable for whatever bad things the above applications might bring to your box. I myself have used them so I think they’re safe.
  • always have your downloads checked by your choice of antivirus.
  • all applications are for Windows, anyhow, I will put a note alongside the link of the package highlighting the OS. I’m a fan of total customer satisfaction.
  • For applications superseded with new versions, I would like all of us, making back-ups a habit. It’s not actually a choice neither an option. please, do a back-up before you install your new package.
  • all the softwares you’ll find here are free, unless, otherwise stipulated. so stop worrying, you don’t need to pay. i hate sharewares too.
  • be careful while on the installation stage. some of us have a habit on Windows to rapidly click next, next, finish. please try to read before clicking. if it happens that some of the applications we have here comes with other sub apps that are actually useless uncheck it or find out if there are options to do a custom install, check those that you only need.
  • dont be shy, you can say thanks at the comment section. better to do it on the blog post of the application you downloaded.
  • thanks (i just like to say it).