Flock v2.5 – Web browser with a twist.

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Hooked on social networking? Test drive Flock 2.5 web browser. This goody has been developed with the sole intention of compounding all your social networking activities all into one single browser. Dubbed as “The Social Web Browser”, it really is a web browser on steroids centering on you social networking stuff.  Post installation, the software can be a bit overwhelming, don’t just take my word on that, try Facebook on Flock with the side bar enabled and you will see right away everything will laid before your eyes. The twist lies upon its ability to anticipate your social networking needs, from media, messages, video, rss feeds and almost everything are served like pancake and hot choco including the food server.

Feature-wise, Flock has a lot. The full feature list is here. If I may, I only would like to point out only the notable ones.

1. Activate social networking accounts and services using Flock Side Bar.

Having tried Flock, I find this feature cool. I can see my friends, their updates, media and all from the side bar. Facebook chat is already readily available from the side bar.

2. Media Bar

Clicking the media bar will give you a strip or panel that will show media content or streams. You can view, share, post, email, drag and drop, back flip, do you kung fu and all else. Truly, Flock is an information  galore.

3. Work with  multiple webmail accounts

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Yes and I like this feature. Having a lot of webmails can be too tedious but Flock instantly can become your personal assistant. With Flock you gain a small envelope icon just below the url bar and you’ll see your email accounts from there. My Gmail account gave me small headers of my emails. Good, succinctlydelicious.

4. Blog support

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Our friendly browser supports blogging too. You can set-up blog service and do a self-hosted blog on Flock.

5. Uber-costumization

As always, the fun doubles when you can customize and personalize. Make Flock dress your own outfit, from toolbars, tabs and windows, favorite sites and media, just like adding a red ribbon on your hair. This browser really is one hell of a stunt.

6. Privacy and Security

On top of the fun, you will see privacy and security features that you will see from other solid browsers such as Firefox. Flock owes it technology to Mozilla, the developer of Firefox. You can change your cookie settings, manage your passwords, instant Web ID and anti-malware alerts.

7. Add-ons

Like big brother Firefox, Flock has it too, albeit, not as many as what Firefox already have. The developer also encourages the creation of extensions. Currently, they only support extensions and themes specific for Flock.

Image representing Flock as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

And that’s it. That is how Flock tries to redefine and make web browser granular, specific to what the end-user needs. Let us see how this project fare overtime. You may get your copy of the software here, don’t you worry, as usual, its free. If you want it in your language, check here.

Don’t forget to tell how you find the app.

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