How is the battle going? Iphone OS vs. Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile has been quiet around for sometime. Too many phones have donned the compact Operating System (OS) and has been sold alongside with lots and many mobile device vendors. Yet, until now, there has been nothing fascinating about it, at least for me. Having used a hefty number of phones (windows-based) I have experienced how it is to be complemented or uncomplemented with a Windows Mobile phone.  And it’s not at all a cozy world out there. Too many pieces are missing, it really is a fugly mobile OS. There you will experience laggishness and sometimes unrevivable shock, where to resolve is equal to taking off the battery and booting it up again. Sad, sad, sad. Ironically, phones that carry Windows Mobile are also expensive! This could be my fault anyway, I always tend to forget that I do have a choice (why did I not buy, iPhone instead). Wait, but there is hope, my next phone will be an iPhone.

iPhone, however, is different. The difference lies on the interface which is too much an eye candy. Massive applications, developers tend to love Apple more, and this is one area where Microsoft keep lossing. They just hate developers, ditching them by limiting rewards and hoarding income from softwares that they did not develop. iPhone has managed to capture the market, hitting the target right at where it should. It made a wave no other device manufacturer could ever do. Literally, it kept on selling like hot cakes. Everybody knows what an iPhone is, similar to how people appreciated iPod. This is where I like Apple as a company. They always find a way to serve their customers a better deal. Which company provided us the device where can listen to music and watch videos as portable as we can, Apple. Which company gave us the phone what was as hype as the iPod, a game changing product, Apple. What company made the thinnest notebook, where some of us even thought it could not even be done, Apple. And this list might just go endless.

Truly, technology is about math, science and art combined. Its perfection lies on how innovation is applied to our daily lives. If we are stuck on a technology that gives us more headache than ease our lives, then I would say it is a failure. Technology must be intuitive, adaptive and most of all anticipative of the needs of the user. Microsoft has forgotten that what made their computer OS famous was its being user-friendliness. How can they? Maybe they just have stopped at that, at being user-friendly, the company must have forgotten to innovate or maybe the company is waiting for some technology to copy again just as they did with Mac (as Steve Jobs claim).

For my closure, I would like to tag the iPhone Operating System the Winner, revolutionary technology that keeps up, technology that adjusts, technology that rattles the nerves of other OS developers.

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