Firefox 3.5.1 released!

Mozilla Firefox
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Yes! Firefox 3.5.1 is released, finally. Included in the release notes are the fixes that we have been waiting for. Coming from the release notes, Firefox 3.5.1 is said to fix the following issues:

  • Security issues
  • Stability issues
  • And… an issue that was making 3.5 version long time to load.

The action was really fast. Sure, we always like that kind of receptiveness from a software company. We have seen how Mozilla tackled this problem and how they immediately resolved the issue. I assume this puts the dot ending the issue. The complete list of changes made in Firefox 3.5.1 is here. As usual, a link of the fresh and crispy copy of Firefox 3.5.1 version has been available at our downloads link page.


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ShiretokoPv3 up for test (Firefox 3.5 bugfix update)

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The bug fixin’ job for Firefox 3.5 is getting hotter and hotter. People are getting busier at bugzilla. Another build has been spun, dubbed as ShiretokoPv3, presumed to include yet another patch. I am getting more of the impression that this is not really just a simple bug. The problem seems to be dead serious. Anyhow, you may check the updates on the issue here. I added a link to ShiretokoPv3 at the downloads page, if you want to participate in the test. You can also give your feedback to the bugzilla team.

For everybody’s info, the logo at the right side is the so called “generic globe logo” which is used when Firefox is compiled without the official branding. That is also the logo or icon that you will get if you use the Shiretoko version. Heads-up!


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My best loved Firefox plug-ins

Firefox has a huge plug-in base. On its new add-ons site you will find a plethora of nifty tools to complement your Firefox browser, from alerts down to web development tools. Coming in to terms of the massiveness of plug-ins, there is, I think no competition, Firefox has loads of it, handsdown. For the simple me, I like the most three plug-ins that sort of, make me whole during my web activities. Let me show them to you.

1. Morning Coffee Version 1.33

This little plug-in sits near the address bar (just  close to where you type your choice of website). Simply, it keeps tracks of the websites (take note websites-with an “s”) that you want to load all at once at the same time. The idea is simple. Almost all of us have fave sites that we usually visit everyday. Take myself as an example, I usually check my facebook account, my blogs, my favorite sites, etc. I do this everyday, like taking my favorite coffee. I don’t want to miss articles or any information that I get from my own list of websites that I need to keep track of. Unfortunately unlike my coffee where I only need to pick up one cup, my favorite websites are a lot to keep clicking on and open them one by one. This is where Morning Coffee comes in, you can make Firefox remember your own list of sites and add it to your Morning Coffee and your websites gets opened altogether by just one click. Cool, right? There’s more. You can also configure the plug-in to load your sites of choice— daily, your choice of day or during weekends, it can also replace your homepage and display your Morning Coffee list of sites instead. Also, there is a buzz that they’re going to add a new feature which will allow us to have more granular Morning Coffee, like having a different list of sites for a specific time of the day. News in the morning, Sports in the afternoon! How is that for a list? Sweet!

2. Zemanta Version 0.5.7

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This extension really is handy, more so if you are into blogging. What this thing does is assist you by fielding in on-the-fly suggestion of images, articles, tags and links while you type. It allows you to re-use and link to other online content all by matter of clicks. Zemanta has really been useful to me on my blogging adventures, I bet it’ll do just the same to you as it did to me. Very much useful.

3. Download StatusBar Version

I am really a download maniac. Everytime I see applications, new and updates, I cannot turn down the urge to grab my own copy. Yet, I also don’t like being annoyed by Firefox’s download window getting in to my way while I am browsing. Download StatusBar has been my pill. It has given my browser a neat statusbar just below my browser so I can check its  current status, just what I really needed. Seemingly, I gained full control of my downloads with less interruption.

I know for a fact that there really are a gazillion of plug-ins that you can add to your Firefox and customize it to your own liking. All you have to do is check their add-ons site and I am sure you will find your match.

What then is your favorite Firefox plug-in? Tell me, so I can join the bandwagon.

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Snarl – Cool Notification System

Want a cool way of getting notified on important events in your computer? Check Snarl.

For some of us who tend to have a lot of things to care about while computing getting a visual notification is way cool. I have first experienced the sweetness of it when I installed Ubuntu 9.04 which comes with a notification system by default. Unfortunately, Windows does not have an application like it, natively. It’s one feature of Ubuntu that I really miss when I switch back to Windows.

After some searching I have found, Snarl. It is really a cool app and sort of, fills the void for the notification of events in Windows. The application sits right on your taskbar and constantly posts notifications. If you want to be notified on events in applications such as Pidgin, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. just download their respective plug-ins from Snarl’s website and you are ready to go. You might need to do some tinkering on the software for it not to be too obtrusive. I am sure, you don’t want to get all notifications, but only the important ones.

I highly recommend it. It’s free and lean software available at

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Firefox 3.5 glitch, slow at start-up.

Mozilla Firefox
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If you installed the latest Firefox 3.5, you’ll notice that it’s consistently slow at start-up taking at least 10-15 seconds. I have looked for some solutions but I think I only have found what we call a  temporary fix. This issue has already been addressed by the Firefox team. As for myself, I have just reverted back to 3.11 both in Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. I don’t want any of the hassle.

If you want to sneak into the current discussion about this issue, have a look at this link.

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