Meet the New iPhone: iPhone 3G S

Apple, again is about to release its new toy. Donning a new name, the Apple iPhone 3G S is making quite a noise in the market, together with Palm‘s new gadget, the Palm Pre. I can’t help but be excited about this two new phones and how it will stand against my old buddy, the Sony Xperia X1 where there are also rumors of having a brother, aptly named as Xperia X2. Sure the Sony Ericsson camp have really dedicated ample time to think of the name of X1’s kin, the X2? Have a look at the new iPhone’s specs. The buzz was for the specs to be kept hidden until its release, but we have it here. Thanks to for bringing this up.

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TV Tuner for Windows Mobile

Freshly released, Windows Mobile users are yet to get another good freebie. The tuner boasts with feeds like music, weather updates, sports and entertainment.

Visit their website and dowload the client. Who knows, you might like it. It’s free for now and I hope that remains the same in the future. I have seen some promising apps released for free, but eventually becomes commercial. Let us all cross our fingers.

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