GOM Player and GOM Encoder

Now here is another good find. GOM Player and GOM Encoder, I agree the name sound a bit silly but hold on just a little because this one is not just your average media player.

GOM Player’s user interface is just simple, after all what is there to complicate when what you just want to do is play your media. After installation and a series of next, next, finish I was brought to the main display of the software. You can immediately pop in your media and start your couch potato habits. I have used it myself and my verdict is, yes, it is more than par among other video players. The application can both handle audio and video at it plays pretty well, simple and straight.

Some of its features are:

1. In-built codec finder (that is if GOM Player really really doesn’t have the codec).

2. Capability to play broken AVI files (the developer said they have a patent for this, fine!)

3. Subtitle support.

4. Nice and easy playlist (winamp like).

5. Support for multiple media types.

6. Screen capture.

7. Advance features like equalizer, repeat and forward functions (I really don’t get it why these are advance features.)

The same developer also doles out another application together with their player, the GOM encoder which I agree is also featured packed. You can get the list of the encoder features here.

Most of all, it is again… free. I hope it stays that way. Check the app out at their website.

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