ShiretokoPv3 up for test (Firefox 3.5 bugfix update)

The generic globe logo used when Firefox is co...
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The bug fixin’ job for Firefox 3.5 is getting hotter and hotter. People are getting busier at bugzilla. Another build has been spun, dubbed as ShiretokoPv3, presumed to include yet another patch. I am getting more of the impression that this is not really just a simple bug. The problem seems to be dead serious. Anyhow, you may check the updates on the issue here. I added a link to ShiretokoPv3 at the downloads page, if you want to participate in the test. You can also give your feedback to the bugzilla team.

For everybody’s info, the logo at the right side is the so called “generic globe logo” which is used when Firefox is compiled without the official branding. That is also the logo or icon that you will get if you use the Shiretoko version. Heads-up!


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