Firefox 3.5 glitch, slow at start-up.

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If you installed the latest Firefox 3.5, you’ll notice that it’s consistently slow at start-up taking at least 10-15 seconds. I have looked for some solutions but I think I only have found what we call a  temporary fix. This issue has already been addressed by the Firefox team. As for myself, I have just reverted back to 3.11 both in Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. I don’t want any of the hassle.

If you want to sneak into the current discussion about this issue, have a look at this link.

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4 thoughts on “Firefox 3.5 glitch, slow at start-up.

  1. martz says:

    Hi Fernand. Thanks for your comment. There is already an update, in fact, i am already using Firefox version 3.5.1 which has fixed the slow startup issue. Check at the downloads links page of this blog and download the latest version of Firefox.

  2. Fernand says:

    Since i downloaded the 3.5 version my computer has been slow also taking about 1 minute to connect to the internet but that its very fast.
    So to solve the waiting time i’ve converted back to 3.1 version t’il such time the mozilla 3.5 has been fixed and running properly.


  3. A.Y. Siu says:

    I install Firefox 3.5 from the Mozilla website onto my Jaunty, and I’ve had no slow startups at all. Maybe use the Mozilla version instead of the Ubuntu version?

    • martzlimpin says:

      Hi A.Y. I also have installed version 3.5 of Firefox on my Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope. Same with you, I have not experienced the same issues that i had when i used Firefox 3.5 on my Vista. Somehow, both of us can confirm that this issue does not affect Jaunty. Ubuntu repository at the moment does not contain the 3.5 version they still have the 3.11 version. What i did was I installed version 3.5 using the python script coming from ubuntuzilla. Just to make sure that everything will be okay, I reverted back to 3.11 despite not seeing problems on Firefox 3.5 on my Jaunty.

      There have been reports that this issue is also not consistent. For some using Windows, they seem not to experience this problem at all but some also are very much nagging about how the find the new firefox version. Let us just hope that the firefox team will fix this issue, asap.

      Thank you so much for your comment.
      Best Regards, Martz.

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